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One of the most important decisions you will make when you start or grow your business is the legal structure you give it. If you want to protect your personal assets and maximize your profits, forming the proper legal entity (rather than a Sole Proprietorship or a General Partnership) will be necessary.Take the guess-work out of structuring your business- contact NBSC, LLC and let our experts help you decide which entity is right for you!
Here are a few of the Business Structures we have available for you:
Limited Liability Company (LLC) 
Limited Liability Company's are "hybrid" legal entities combining the characteristics of a corporation with the tax advantages and flexibility of a partnership. As a result, the Limited Liability Company - by blending characteristics from Corporations, Partnerships and Sole Proprietorships to use the best attributes from each - is increasingly being used.
Most small companies find LLCs offer the most asset protection and tax advantages available to entrepreneurs, allowing personal liability protection and pass-through profits without corporate taxes!
S Corporation
Subchapter S corporations allow for restricted liability of it's owners, officers and directors. The shareholders of s corporations are taxed on corporate earnings and deduct corporate losses directly in a manner that resembles the taxation of partners. There are significant differences between S Corporations and C Corporations and several deficiencies inherent in Subchapter S versus C Corporations and LLCs suggests that there is rarely reason to create a corporation with the intention of electing to be taxed under Subchapter S. 
C Corporation
Forming a “C Corporation” is a good strategy for many businesses, and it is the only type of Corporation configuration appropriate for any company that intends to be publicly traded. C Corporations allow for limited liability of the officers, owners and directors, run on a fiscal year and in Nevada, provides opportunities for privacy. C Corporations also allow for profits to be taxed at a corporate rate, can retain earnings and in Nevada, corporations pay no state corporate tax. C Corporations also allows an unlimited number of most investors - foreign shareholders as well as US citizens.
Family Limited Partnerships (FLP)
An FLP is an excellent way to gain better tax advantages, improved financial privacy and asset protection from lawsuits, particularly if used to own Companies at the “Operations Level.” This is how to own the stock of your Corp or Interest in an LLC.
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Here's a short list of a few of the services we offer our Clients: 
Mail Forwarding/Office Presence
Nevada Business Solutions Center can provide personnel access to full office and clerical services through our on-site staff, so that we can truly be your “boots on the ground” in Nevada. From document preparation to preparing and mailing letters and packages,we can speed the process of doing business and supplement or in some cases replace the office staff you may employ elsewhere.
Privacy Services
Privacy is one feature Nevada offers that no other state in the country can match. And, aside from tax savings and liability protection, privacy is one of the primary motivating factors that people from all over the world incorporate in Nevada.
 Additional Business Services Include:
  • Limited Liability Limited Partnerships (LLLP)...
  • Nevada Registered Agent Service...
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